Эпизод "Nothing Important Happened Today I-II"

"I didn't ask to be put down on the X- Files. Deputy Director Kersh put me down here. I'm just doing my job. What did they think? That I'd be thankful? That I'd do anything less?"
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"How long can you hide it from me? Knowle Rohrer, this old military buddy of mine. He told me your pregnancy was a result of a Government cloning experiment to try to create what he called a Super Soldier. Scully: I don't want to hear this. Look, there is nothing to any of this. Doggett: Knowle Rohrer, my buddy, was one of the men that tried to kill us in the FBI garage. Scully: My baby... my son... is fine. Doggett: I hope to God that's true. I just don't want to pretend".
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"(on phone) John Doggett"
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"You want to turn me now? You want to take my badge and gun?"
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"Just so long as you know where to reach us, Mr. Follmer"
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Эпизод "Daemonicus"

"That's great. That's great"
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"Most evil in the world comes from men"
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"So what are we talking now? The Ghostbusters?"
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Эпизод "4D"

"Erwin Lukesh! Federal Agent!"
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"So have you got anything really heavy that I can move for you, a dresser, a fridge?"
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"Polish sausage! It's the best in the city, there is a . You'll be able to walk to it. Monica: Wow. Doggett: Try one"
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"Monica, forget about the plates, will you? What's wrong?"
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Эпизод "Lord of the Flies"

"I think I just solved this case. This kid had crap for brains and the flies couldn't resist"
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"This isn't just stupid, this is glorification of stupid"
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Эпизод "TrustNo1"

"What the hell is going on here?"
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"They're watching?"
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"Scully: I want to see him so bad. Doggett: I know. And I want to make sure that you get to, Dana. That's the whole reason I'm here"
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