A chto sejchas delaet... T1000

Magazine: "Taini Zvezd 45 (263)", October 31, 2012 (Belarus)



Robert Patrick. The Boozefighters

Magazine: Vol 2008 Oct/Nov (USA)



"I'll Be Back. Terminator - 2"

Magazine: Mir Fantastiki 10, 2007 (Russia)


Q&A with Robert Patrick

Magazine: TV Guide 01.10-07.10 2007 (USA)


Celeb Riders Join the Wild Ones

Magazine: Quick Throttle Article, January 2007 (USA)


"Mulder'siz bir X-Files"

Magazine: CNBC-e, June 2006 (Turkey)


"The truth is out there. The X-Files"

Magazine: Mir Fantastiki 6, June 2005 (Russia)


Russian "Antenna"

Magazine: Antenna ?, 2001; "Antenna" 47 (248) November 26 - December 2, 2001


Russian "Cool"

Magazine: Cool 44, november 2001; 13, march 2001; ?, 2001 (Russia)


"The X-Files: new life's form"

Magazine: Vse zvezdi 52, 2001 (Russia)


9 sezon zriteli uvidjat...

Magazine: ???, 2001 (Russia)


The Next Files

Magazine: Dreamwatch, #75 2000 (USA)



Pop Quiz with Robert Patrick

Magazine: People, 25 sep 2000 (USA)


"Terminator"-fiesling Robert Patrick

Magazine: Bravo magazine (Germany)


Killer Instinct

Magazine: Starlog magazine 170, sep 1991 (USA)


Terminator T-1000

Magazine: T2 Judgment Day Official Magazine (USA)





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