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BARBARA PATRICK (Samantha "Nuke-Em" Rogers) first met director Gary Tunnicliffe when they worked together on Clive Barker's "Lord of Illusions" in which Barbara co-starred and Gary created special effects. Tunnicliffe won't reveal whether he wrote the part of "Nuke-Em" with Barbara in mind, but at the first table reading of the script, she inhabited the character so completely that the other actors asked if the part had been written for her.

"There are a lot of similarities between Nuke-Em and me," Barbara is quick to say. "As women in a field surrounded by men, we both feel the need to be as tough as the guys." Tough comes easy to this woman who wrote and starred in her first play in 6th grade. When she felt that her co-star had not delivered her very best performance, the playwright responded by beating her up. School officials promptly suspended her and a rebel actress was born.

After years of work in feature films (including "Zero Tolerance" and "Body Shot," in which she worked with her husband, Robert Patrick), television ("Civil Wars" and "Summer Fantasies") and on the legitimate stage ("Crimes of the Heart," "Equus," "Follies," and "Erotica"), Barbara is most enthusiastic about being a part of 360 entertainment's debut production. "They had an idea, they brought it to the right people, and BANG--it's off the ground! The best thing about this whole experience has been the confirmation that in Hollywood the doors are always open."



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